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what is procore

Note that there is some data that you can’t sync, including subcontracts and POs, prime contracts, prime contract change orders (PCCOs), subjobs, and budgets. Also, you can’t sync time entries—which can be a problem if you’re using QuickBooks Payroll along with QuickBooks Online. However, Procore still earned points in our evaluation because you can add as many users as needed without paying any additional fees. This makes it a great option for construction businesses with multiple employees.

How does Procore benefit construction companies?

We’re also flexible enough to provide you with only the products you need so you can connect to the products you already use and love. Work more efficiently, communicate better, and build faster from a single source of truth. Procore declined to allow us to try out the software, saying they customize demos for an individual customer’s needs, so this review is based on their extensive directory of tutorials and videos. General contractors, subcontractors, architects, and more will find a few features particularly interesting. Procore integrates with dozens of software tools that you may use, from financial software like Sage 100 Contractor and Sage 300 CRE, to customer relationship management software like Salesforce.

See 3 ways Procore transforms the way you build.

The Procore mobile app scored a perfect five in my review because it’s useful for many contractors who are frequently on the go. While it doesn’t offer all the features available within each module in the desktop interface, it provides the essential tools needed by most modern contractors. These include the ability to view projects’ statuses, check the current weather forecast on the job site, search and download files, and view drawings offline.

Task management

When you become comfortable with navigating one module, it becomes easy for you to navigate the other modules. Meanwhile, one user who left negative feedback complained that the overall cost can be pricey. They suggested that Procore should consider offering a customized package, instead of selling its products separately.

When it comes to construction project management, construction software is well worth the investment. The Observation and Inspection functions of Procore support management on the job site and in the office using mobile and desktop devices. You can make real-time decisions on job sites without time-consuming office-based Excel spreadsheets by using Procore’s Field Financials.

Exceeds global requirements for data safety, security, and privacy without sacrificing performance and ease of use. Get one step closer to your custom quote and see the value that is included with every subscription now. General Contractors say they saved an average of 15 days by using Procore on their projects. Sign up to receive more well-researched small business articles and topics in your inbox, personalized for you. The image below sums up some of the available data you can sync between QuickBooks and Procore and how the data is transferred. Connect with a member of our support to team to quickly find the information you’re looking for.

If you aren’t connected to the internet, you can still view and edit files in Procore using offline mode. Everyone on your project’s account, whether they’re a paid member of your team or a collaborating partner, receives world-class implementation and training at no additional cost. Unlike many software options out there, Procore prominently displays their phone number at the top of their website. A call to that number got a member of the customer support team on the line almost immediately. You can create users and edit their permissions, as well as create new projects.

Procore gives you unlimited cloud storage, which is a nice benefit considering many other software choices limit storage or force you to pay extra for it. You can also filter the data by certain parameters, and choose assignees to get even more detailed. There’s virtually no limit to how specific you can get with these reports and how much you can mix and match different data points, which is a strong selling point for this software. Its integration function allows you to integrate ProEst estimates, once awarded, with budgets, cost management, and progress billings/invoicing in a single seamless step.

Whether there are project scope changes or unclear or incomplete documentation, Procore allows you to send and track RFI documents. When creating RFIs, you can attach relevant electronic documents, such as plans, specifications, and photos. Unfortunately, there is no option to sync or transfer customer invoices automatically from Procore to QuickBooks Online. However, you can export your invoices manually from Procore and import them as CSV files to QuickBooks Online. The 3D takeoff technology calculates elements automatically, such as walls, ceilings, floors, and other structural components. Using this data, Procore makes it easy for estimators to calculate the quantities of materials needed for their projects.

  1. You can create users and edit their permissions, as well as create new projects.
  2. What we like about Procore’s reporting feature is that there are many ways you can customize your dashboard.
  3. What I like about the program is that the user interface remains consistent across the different modules.
  4. Connect with a real Procore expert via email, chat, or phone support in less than a minute.
  5. Whether you want to grow your business or grow your career, Procore connects everyone who builds to everything they need.
  6. You and your crew members can view tasks in different ways, such as the calendar view or Gantt charts.

For thorough documentation, every punch list item can include documents and digital photos. Using voice-enabled input technology, your team members can record short videos of issues on the job site so that they can describe each item more clearly. Also, quick response (QR) codes can be used to simplify the punch item creation process. If you want to integrate your Procore account with QuickBooks Desktop instead, then you can use Procore’s built-in QuickBooks Desktop connector. While the QuickBooks Desktop integration allows you to sync various data types like jobs, vendors, and budgets, you can’t use WBS codes, like in QuickBooks Online. This means it may be challenging to map some data between Procore and QuickBooks.

Connect every program you use to manage construction in Procore and analyze data across your entire tech stack. Impact the future of construction and build your safety culture with an analytical approach to risk mitigation. If we don’t build it, chances are, there’s an app or integration for it on our marketplace. is the social impact arm of Procore, with a mission to advance the construction industry through advocacy, education, and technology. connects women, the trades, students, and non-profits to the tools and opportunities they need. Whether you want to grow your business or grow your career, Procore connects everyone who builds to everything they need.

The Procore scheduling tool allows project managers and supervisors to create and assign tasks easily to team members, schedule them as needed, and track them until they are completed. You and your crew members can view tasks in different ways, such as the calendar view or Gantt charts. The WBS approach, a system of breaking down complex projects into smaller components in Procore, is crucial in the QuickBooks Online integration. Procore allows you to either use default WBS codes or create custom ones so that you can accurately sync your data with QuickBooks Online. The only challenge is that you have to be familiar with the equivalent item or category names in both software. The QuickBooks Online integration is primarily designed for new construction projects.

You can filter tasks by various elements, such as assigned team members or due dates, helping you track the progress of a specific task easily. Schedule updates are recorded in real time, so your crew members never have to worry about tracking schedule revisions or whether they are seeing the most recent schedule. They can track schedules on the go easily from their mobile devices using the Procore mobile app.

Procore is committed to advancing the construction industry by improving the lives of people working in construction, driving technology innovation, and building a global community of groundbreakers. Our connected global construction platform unites all stakeholders on a project with unlimited access to support and a business model designed for the construction industry. It integrates with QuickBooks Online or Desktop, so you can sync operational and financial data, such as jobs, vendors, and invoices, between the two systems. Procore’s cloud-based construction management platform replaces delayed communication that is a typical symptom of manual and paper-based processes. With Procore, if you have access to a wireless internet connection, you have access to real-time information and documents in the platform. If you are offline, any actions that you perform in the mobile application will be updated in Procore once a network connection is reestablished.

We’re building tools to help manage risk, grow profits, and ensure data is secure while driving productivity and performance. Used in over 150 countries, Procore provides customers with the tools they need to grow their profits, protect their people, build their business, and get home safe. Mobile project management that improves efficiency by connecting site and office for real-time visibility.

In addition, Procore is constantly improving product functionality, making enhancements to tools and usability. These improvements will be delivered to you at no additional cost during the course of your contract. Check out our What’s New Page to learn about the ongoing enhancements we’re making. Never run out of sheets, data, or document storage with plans designed to support even the most complex projects. Procore’s north star, from day one, has been to put people first in everything we do. This is the experience customers, partners, collaborators and the general industry can expect to receive every time they interact with Procore’s brand.

Considering plenty of companies charge per user or limit the number of jobs you can have, Procore may end up being the more cost-efficient option depending on your business. The software maintains daily logs, progress reports, drawings, RFIs, schedules, specifications, submittals, and timecards. It also supports integrations with quality and safety software and provides field productivity management tools and construction financials.

We’re firm believers in the Golden Rule, which is why editorial opinions are ours alone and have not been previously reviewed, approved, or endorsed by included advertisers. Then, check out some of the construction software options we’ve reviewed and try some more demos to see if you can find a better fit. And while it may not be for beginners or tech novices, that doesn’t mean you can’t pick it up. The company offers a library of short but helpful tutorial videos, and customer support comes with the package. The Procore app is also impressive, allowing you to easily check on the status of projects and receive photos straight from the job site. Procore offers a range of reporting templates, or you can create a custom report from scratch by choosing data points.

In addition, it contains recommendations on best practices, tutorials for getting started, and troubleshooting information for common situations. Give your team access to free live training with one of Procore’s Customer Success Managers. These presentations cover one of our tools in-depth and allows you to submit questions in a small class setting.

what is procore

Adoption is key to your success, so we offer onboarding and implementation services for customers to get you started. Say goodbye to downtime with a free, direct line to live technical support for everyone on your project. You wouldn’t place a bid without first understanding the full scope of work. All our efforts are driven by Procore’s vision to improve the lives of everyone in construction. Our vision is our higher calling, how we make a difference in the world, and why you care about what we do.

If you have completed projects before the integration is set up, then you can’t sync them with QuickBooks. However, for in-progress projects, you can contact Procore to sync your records for an additional fee. Procore Workshops are hands-on training sessions to help you get the most from our platform.

Procore integrates with Viewpoint® Spectrum® and Viewpoint® Vista™ ERP software at a company-wide level. And, if you’re using ProEst cloud-based estimating software, ProEst and Procore have been seamlessly integrated since 2013. When it comes to construction software, benefits are aplenty, and Procore is no different. Construction companies can use Procore to manage all phases and aspects of projects, from pre-development and bidding to project completion. In this article, we’ll explore one of the leading pieces of construction software out there and the benefits that come with it.

This feature is integrated with the rest of the platform, allowing for labor costs to be linked to specific tasks or budget items. Procore’s document management feature allows you to store, manage and share all your project documents in one place. The system supports version control, ensuring everyone has access to the latest version of a document.

We checked out online reviews from users on popular review websites, such as Software Advice and G2. QuickBooks Online has no construction-specific reports, so we determined what reports can be integrated through the software and how customizable the reports and the dashboards are. Most of the software on this list is available directly on the QuickBooks App Store and can be bitbuy review set up directly from within your QuickBooks Online account. However, other providers also have a built-in connector that makes the integration process easier. Procore may seem like an overwhelming software due to its extensive feature set, but I find it easy to use. What I like about the program is that the user interface remains consistent across the different modules.

As a dedicated partner, we have a business model built for this industry by people from this industry — construction is the only thing we do. We don’t build software for adjacent industries so 100% of our focus is to help advance construction. And while technology and software will help propel the industry forward, at its core, the industry is about people working with people. Today, nearly every tool used to manage a project is digitized and is capturing project data.

what is procore

It allows you to extract quantities directly from 3D modules of a construction project—meaning you don’t have to calculate structure or area measurements manually. Our vision is to improve the lives of everyone in construction, and by connecting everyone in the industry on a global platform, we’ll do just that. We based this review on information from the Procore website and Procore blogs alongside user reviews to assess how users respond to the product features and inform usability and user experience. This might be a five-star platform for a construction manager with a big team who needs powerful features to run all of the moving parts of their business. You can visit to get access to a wealth of information on the software, including articles on how to get started. They also offer webinars, the Procore training video library, and the Procore Community so you can ask other users for help.